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As National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month continues, ELET’s Amelia Crotwell spent some time talking with B97.5’s Michele Silva on the East Tennessee Now podcast. 

Kim Hansard Interview

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, designed to raise awareness about the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities and address the barriers those with disabilities face. The parents and caretakers of those with developmental disabilities also deal with issues that may not be as well known. ELET’s Founder, Amelia Crotwell, spoke with Kim Hansard of Star 102.1 to discuss the challenges families and caregivers often face.

Julie Price Zoom

ELET’s Julia Keck spoke with the Alzheimer’s Association about what a comprehensive plan for the future looks like. To watch the webinar in its entirety please click the button below:

ELET's Julia Price with B97.5's Michelle Silva

ELET’s Julia Price spoke with B97.5’s Michele Silva where she explains how she learned about the field of elder law and eventually joined the firm of Elder Law of East Tennessee.

ELET's Bailey Schiermeyer and Star 102.1's Kim Hansard

ELET’s Bailey Schiermeyer was interviewed by Star 102.1’s Kim Hansard to discuss what is an elder law firm and who can benefit from the kinds of services that Elder Law of East Tennessee can provide