Wartime Veterans Seeking VA Benefits


I need benefits to help pay for care now or in the future.


You or your spouse served your country at a time of conflict, and now you need help paying for care in a facility.  The need may be immediate, or you may be planning for anticipated needs a few years down the road.  You want to protect your family from mounting care expenses, and you may have too many assets to qualify for benefits.  To complicate matters, you’ve heard horror stories about losing your home to the state, and you’re not prepared to face that possibility.

Accessing public VA benefits can be a challenge, especially if you are on the cusp:  too much money to qualify, but not enough to meet all of your needs out of pocket over the long haul.  You need a navigator with thorough knowledge of the ever-changing VA rules to steer you through the process so that you can stop worrying about how to pay for care and get back to making the most of your time with your loved ones.

Elder Law of East Tennessee offers strategies for wartime veterans and their spouses to qualify for VA benefits now or in the future.  We help you plan for your needs and get access access to care.  We share advice about legal and financial planning strategies you can use to access benefit programs like the Low Income Pension with Aid and Attendance.  We help you to avoid pitfalls that would risk your benefits or delay the time when you could start receiving them.  And for our Life Care Planning clients, we also hold your hand through the application process, giving you the best chance of qualifying for benefits at the earliest possible date.

You or your spouse stood by your country at a time of need.  Now let us help you get the care and benefits you deserve.

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