Healthy People Planning Ahead


Everyone’s healthy at the moment…but we want to start planning for the future.


Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them. Are you ready? Are you healthy?

Have you thought about how an illness might impact your ability to provide for loved ones? Have you thought about how you will care for aging parents or how you might want your children to care for you as you age and your health declines? Do you have a plan that spells out your wishes for the distribution of assets after your death or how decisions about your healthcare will be made if you can’t make them yourself? Have you developed an estate plan or advance directives but haven’t kept them up to date as your circumstances have changed? Have you watched older friends and relatives put off important planning and then struggle when crises occur? Have you ever wondered how you might do things differently? How you might give your children a different example?

It’s easy to put off answering questions like these. Many healthy people do. But when you’re ready to prepare for life on life’s terms, Elder Law of East Tennessee can help.

Our proactive planning strategies will keep you in the driver’s seat no matter what happens. A spouse develops a chronic illness. Your parents need nursing home care. A child develops a disability. Through a comprehensive collection of highly individualized estate planning services delivered with honesty, respect, and compassion, we help you plan ahead for life’s many unknowns.

Elder Law of East Tennessee makes it easy to protect what matters most: quality of life for loved ones, cherished relationships, family wealth, and peace of mind.

Learn more about the benefits of our approach.

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