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As a health care professional who serves persons who are elderly or have disabilities and their family caregivers, you may encounter clients who seem overwhelmed with the demands of a loved one’s care. You may feel that there’s little you can do to help. Whether it’s a senior citizen caring for a disabled spouse who can no longer live at home, children worried about the deteriorating health of aging parents, or someone worried about the care of a child or sibling with an intellectual or physical disability, family caregivers may give the impression that all is well. But look closely. Look in their eyes.

When you sense all is not well, there is more you can do. By recognizing the signs of family distress and understanding the options available, you can play a pivotal role in helping family members take control of the long-term care journey.

Point your clients in the right direction with a referral to Elder Law of East Tennessee.

When is the right time for health care professionals to send clients to Elder Law of East Tennessee? We recommend making the referral at the first sign of distress. Our team will analyze your client’s situation and chart a path that will help them avoid making decisions now that have will have adverse consequences in the future. And at Elder Law of East Tennessee, we understand that your reputation is on the line every time you make a referral. We won’t let you down. Our team works in close partnership with you and your firm to find practical solutions that make it possible for your clients to navigate the long-term care maze with confidence. The results? Your clients are happier and grateful for your insight.

If you suspect your clients are struggling, refer them to Elder Law of East Tennessee. We protect what matters most to your clients: quality of life for loved ones, cherished relationships, family wealth, and peace of mind.

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