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Help Your Clients Overcome the Problems Estate Plans Don’t Solve


As a financial or insurance professional, your clients have the resources to fund a lengthy and active retirement thanks to you. But what happens when long-term illness or disability strike? Will the financial security you’ve helped your clients achieve translate into peace of mind for those who love them? Who will take care of your client while he or she is still able to live at home? Who will help the elder get the right care without burdening family—before and after the transition to the nursing home? What will happen if there are problems?

Planning ahead to make provisions for care to preserve quality of life during long-term illness is as important as having an estate to distribute to heirs. Without proper planning, your clients will withdraw assets to pay for care, which will diminish the family nest egg. And when clients die, remaining assets under management may end up being transitioned to others.

A referral to Elder Law of East Tennessee can help your clients overcome the problems that estate plans don’t solve.

When is the right time for financial and insurance professionals to send clients to Elder Law of East Tennessee? We recommend making the referral at the first sign of distress. Our team will analyze your client’s situation and chart a path that will help them avoid making decisions now that have will have adverse consequences in the future. At Elder Law of East Tennessee, we understand that your reputation is on the line every time you make a referral. We won’t let you down. Our team works in close partnership with you and your firm to find practical solutions that enable your clients to navigate the long-term care maze with confidence. The results? Happier clients and fewer threats to your book of business.

Help your clients complete their circle of trusted advisors with a referral to Elder Law of East Tennessee. We protect what matters most to your clients: quality of life for loved ones, cherished relationships, family wealth, and peace of mind.

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