Concerned about a Disabled Dependent


A child or dependent is disabled and we want to plan ahead for care.


Are you the parent of a disabled child or dependent with a physical or intellectual disability and concerned about the future? Are you caring for a sibling who has a disability? Are you concerned about how your loved one will enjoy the best quality of life while you’re here—and after you’re gone?

Elder Law of East Tennessee can help. As one of East Tennessee’s most knowledgeable, compassionate, and trustworthy sources of expert help for families dealing with the challenges of a loved one’s long-term illness or disability, we help families protect quality of life for loved one who may be challenged by physical or mental conditions.

Whether you need help finding care and services offered by private and public agencies to improve your loved one’s quality of life or want to use a settlement or inheritance to provide more than the basic necessities without jeopardizing eligibility for public benefits, we can help. Our skilled and experienced attorneys help you qualify for public benefits, identify needed services and providers, and establish Special Needs Trusts to provide those extras that can make the difference between subsisting and thriving. We protect what matters most to your clients: quality of life for loved ones, cherished relationships, family wealth, and peace of mind.

When you work with Elder Law of East Tennessee, you are doing more than just hiring an attorney. You’re gaining a team of caring advisors who will support you, advocate for you, and provide compassionate guidance during every step of the long-term care journey. Imagine the confidence, relief, and peace of mind you will feel knowing that you’ve done everything you can to ensure that your loved one is able to live a life of dignity with as much independence and self-determination as possible.

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