Fast Track Estate Plans

March 26, 2020Here is a short video from attorney Bailey Schiermeyer introducing our new Fast Track Estate Plan.

Care Conversation

April 3, 2020Recap of our care coordinators sharing thoughts and resources on supporting loved ones during this crisis.

Pandemic Toolbox

April 14, 2020Certified Elder Law Attorney, Amelia Crotwell shares what you should have in your legal tool box during this pandemic.

Essential Legal Documents

April 23, 2020If you are 18 years or older in Tennessee, you should have these essential legal documents in place.

Durable Power of Attorney

April 23, 2020If you only secure one document as a result of this pandemic, we suggest a Durable Power of Attorney. Attorney Amelia Crotwell explains why.

ELET Thank You

April 28, 2020In two words, thank you.

What is Elder Law?

May 8, 2020It’s National Elder Law Month! We asked our attorneys, “What is elder law?” Their answer includes more than you may think.

Julia’s Personal Story

May 15, 2020Attorney Julia Keck shares her personal experience with elder care law.

Special Needs

May 29, 2020Did you know elder care attorneys can provide important planning for individuals with special needs? Learn more from attorney Amelia Crotwell.

Elder Law vs Elder Care Law

May 29, 2020To wrap up Elder Law Month, attorneys Amelia Crotwell and Julia Keck discuss the differences between elder law and elder care law.

Importance of Becoming a CELA

Oct 4, 2022 – ELET’s Founder Amelia Crotwell explains why it was important for her to become a Certified Elder Law Attorney or CELA.

What Do You Love about ELET

Oct 4, 2022Attorney Julie Price explains what she loves most about working at Elder Law of East TN.

Problem Solving

Oct 4, 2022Attorney Bailey Schiermeyer explains what problem she is best at solving for her clients. 

Why the Field of Elder Law

Oct 4, 2022Attorney Julia Keck explains why she chose the field of Elder Law.

Talk With Kids About Dementia

Nov 17, 2022Relationship Manager Megan DeBolt discusses ways you can talk to your kids about complex health experiences.