New Service Line: Fast Track Estate Planning


Expedited Essential Legal Documents for Peace of Mind

Elder Law Fast Track Estate Plan for download

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Our existing estate planning packages are geared toward asset protection and/or planning for long-term care. Due to the current global pandemic, there is an immediate need for estate planning services to be provided without in-person interaction and delivered rapidly.

To meet the needs of our community members in every stage of life, we are introducing a new expedited service line for the person who desires quality estate planning documents quickly.

Introducing, Fast Track Estate Planning. This service is ideal for the person who knows who they want to make decisions for them in the event of an emergency, where they want their property to go if they die, and they are ready to make their decisions legally binding.

With Fast Track Estate Planning, our trusted Elder Law of East Tennessee team will plan, prepare, and execute your documents within 10 days of retaining services, so your wishes are known and in writing.

This service is for you if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Executing a Last Will and Testament to ensure my assets are distributed to the individuals of my choice according to my terms;
  • Answering the question, who will manage my legal and financial affairs and make health care decisions for me if I become ill; and,
  • Provide directions to loved ones regarding healthcare preferences.

One of the most remarkable elements of this service is that the client never has to risk exposure to COVID-19 in order to complete an estate plan. We have developed a process for delivering services which incorporates a legal method of signing known as “Signing by Proxy.”

Contact us to ask questions or to schedule a consultation, and let’s get started today.