Conservatorships in Tennessee

When a person hasn’t planned for the future and can no longer manage finances or make healthcare decisions, Conservatorship may be a solution.

Conservatorship is a legal proceeding in which a family member or friend seeks appointment from the Court as Conservator so that they can take care of the person in need of assistance. The Court defines Conservatorship proceedings as a last resort. If the person’s need for assistance can be addressed through less restrictive means, like executing Power of Attorney documents, those options should be explored first.

Conservatorships are not particularly flexible or easy. Procuring and then maintaining a conservatorship can be complicated. Our approach is to pursue alternatives to Conservatorship if and when possible. Some of the legal planning and care coordination services provided under our Life Care Plan make it possible for families to circumvent this challenging process while also addressing other needs.

If Conservatorship is the only alternative, we can help families understand the standards for legal capacity, evaluate the person’s legal capacity, and if executing power of attorney documents is not an option, help file for Conservatorship with the appropriate court. Our services go beyond filing paperwork: we leverage our experience and expertise to assist families in addressing real problems like stopping financial exploitation and acquiring medical treatment in a crisis.

Contact our team and we will help determine if Conservatorship is the best course of action, or if there are other avenues that we can pursue.

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