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What Our Clients Are Saying About Elder Law of East Tennessee

During a very difficult time in our family’s life, Amelia Crotwell stepped in to guide us after the death of my father. She helped us set up a trust for my mother. We benefited greatly from her guidance during the final days of our mother’s life, as well. She made something that was overwhelming for us into an experience we were able to understand and successfully make it through it.

More recently we consulted with Connie Taylor about issues related to my wife’s mother’s care. Connie quickly understood the needs we were describing and gave us very helpful advice. She is knowledgeable, efficient, and supportive. We are less afraid of the future knowing we can call on Connie when we need her.

- Joseph and Karen Holbert

Dear Amelia,

Thank you once again for your guidance and reassurance. Each time the stress gets to me, you have a wonderful way of helping me to calm down. Although I still do not like this whole process,you are the very person I trust to do your best in protecting my interests. Thank you again. With kindest regards.

- Lorna McCown

Excellent, very professional, so caring and kind. Keep doing what you are doing and being kind and concerned for your clients. Thank you so much for all your help!

- Luna Shepherd

We hired ELET a month after my dad had a massive stroke. Amelia and her staff helped us pull together all of our parents' financial information and evaluate the needs of one parent in rehab while one remained at home.

No one realizes the legal complexities of caring for elderly family members until they are in the middle of it. ELET understands the laws pertaining to the care and placement of the elderly when they can no longer care for themselves. They understand the laws pertaining to what the elderly qualify for financially. The ELET team immediately assists you with action steps that pull financial information together and help determine what living arrangements and care are affordable. They get living wills, medical POAs, general POAs, and end of life wills done. It is huge to have these in place before a crisis comes.

The ELET staff are caring, patient, and always willing to help. They are a valuable asset to our family, and we feel that they are friends.

- Sue Lepper

The staff at Elder Law of East Tennessee are caring, supportive, and focused on what is best for their client. They are passionate about their mission and serving the needs of elders and their families.

- Kathryn Eaton, CMA

Elder Law of East Tennessee helped me with finding a nursing facility that suited our needs. They were with me every step of the way. I cannot imagine the mess I would be in today without them. I never had a question that wasn't answered ASAP. Amelia and her staff have been a gift to help me through the toughest situations in my life. They are like my family and are with me all the way!

- Shelby B. Lester

Personal, professional, and pleasant. We are very happy with the experience. You have a caring and exceptional staff!

- Peg and Don Howard

My experience from the very first visit was great. Amelia going to DHS with me was so helpful. You saved me so much money. If someone had not told me about you, I would have nothing after three years in the nursing home. Thank you!

- Dorothy L. Cate

Amelia Crotwell and her staff at Elder Law at East Tennessee helped me get some help to pay for my husband to stay in a memory care unit and a nursing home. They are in contact with all the offices that we had to go through to get this done in a short period of time. They walked us right through everything and made it so easy.

- Orangie Kelley and Family

Amelia and her team are experts in helping families navigate the legal, financial and care needs of loved ones. Anyone in need of customized elder care solutions for finding and funding care should call Elder Law of East Tennessee.

- Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law

My family's overall experience with Elder Law of East Tennessee has been overwhelmingly positive! They have always treated us with respect and taken all our concerns most seriously. They always respond promptly. Even though the entire staff is always professional, you always get the feeling that they genuinely care for your family and are there to help. Ms. Crotwell's knowledge of the Medicaid system, even as it was changing on a daily basis, helped get us through it. I would recommend the Elder Law of East Tennessee firm to any family! I only wish we had found them sooner!

- Marcia Fromkin

In a time of sorrow and uncertainty after the death of my uncle and the beginning of my role as executor of his estate, Amelia Crotwell and her staff were invaluable in their guidance and assurances that their role was to be there for me and to ensure that my uncle's instructions were followed.

I left their office feeling confident and that feeling never changed as they worked with the needs of our family. They were always caring, patient and understanding and never hesitated to take the time to answer my many questions. I would highly recommend Amelia to anyone as an attorney and a resource for elder law issues. Thank you Amelia for everything!

- Leslie A. Fox

Very personable, very understanding, covers issues thoroughly, quick with responses to questions in person and through email, very caring about each client. We feel confident about our Trust and Will and all services provided by Elder Law – very knowledgeable attorney.

- Mike & Kathy Sabbe

I have the utmost confidence in Amelia. I have always received excellent information from her. She will work harder than anyone I know to give you the best legal advice you can get. She is very easy to talk with, but very professional and proficient in Elder Law.

- Helen Edmonds-Harrington

Amelia and staff are competent, caring, calm and quite capable. At a time when I need someone to guide me through estate legalities, they seem to understand my emotional roller coaster and calm my fears. Amelia is board certified, and I have total confidence in her.

- Anonymous

You were fantastic! Your approach was very methodical with your follow-up timely. I appreciated you and your staff’s attention to Mom and ensuring that she understood. Thank you very much – “mission accomplished”!

- Barry Petracchi

I was completely satisfied with you & your staff in showing the utmost professionalism, knowledge & compassion for my well being during what I thought would be a difficult, drawn-out process. Turned out to be an enjoyable experience.

- Anonymous

Several years ago, my family learned my father suffered from terminal lung cancer and only had a short time to live. Amelia was a tremendous help during this time. On very short notice, she traveled to my father's house, met with him and my family, and then prepared a will and power of attorney. She was very calm, assuring, and understanding. She was at all times professional yet approachable.

We are now confronting elder care issues with my husband's parents. Both of his parents are very elderly, live out of state, and have very different needs. We are both employed full-time and have school-aged children. Simply stated, we were overwhelmed. We met with Amelia and she provided guidance on how to make sure my husband's parents are well cared for, even though they live out of state. I feel like we can manage everything so much better now.

- Susanne Bales

We have been very satisfied with our experience with Elder Law. Everyone has been very helpful and extremely professional.

- Anonymous

Amelia Crotwell and her staff created legal order out of our intentions for dispensation of our property and end-of-life care. They were efficient, easy to work with, and helped us through a task we've been dreading for years.

- Nancy Canestaro, D. Arch.

I am an RN in Northeast TN working with elderly to coordinate long term care benefits from insurance policies. Recently I attended a learning presentation featuring Atty Crotwell. She is an extremely well informed individual. I have no doubt she can assist any family wading through the intricacies involved in aging, illness and death. I look forward to following her educational offerings. Thank you for sharing a small amount of your knowledge to a population hungry for knowledge.

- Susan Holzschuh

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