Meet Our Team


Jill Shoffner, LCSW, CCM
Jill Shoffner, LCSW, CCMElder Care Coordinator Manager
Kyra Clements, GCM, CPG, CCM
Kyra Clements, GCM, CPG, CCMElder Care Coordinator
Cindy Hutson, RN, CCM
Cindy Hutson, RN, CCMElder Care Coordinator


Catherine Favaro
Catherine FavaroParalegal
Hailey Michel-Evleth
Hailey Michel-EvlethPublic Benefits Manager
Stephanie Sargent
Stephanie SargentLegal Assistant
Charles Owens
Charles OwensBilling and Systems Specialist
Jana Huddleston
Jana HuddlestonParalegal
Rachel Harville
Rachel HarvillePublic Benefits Assistant
Malinda Joshi
Malinda JoshiPractice Manager
Dr. Michael Mailahn
Dr. Michael MailahnFamily Meeting Facilitator
Louisa Rader
Louisa RaderParalegal
Alyssa Hunter
Alyssa HunterIntake Specialist
Victoria Starkey
Victoria StarkeyAssistant Practice Manager

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