Not Your Typical Law Firm


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive collection of highly individualized services delivered with honesty, respect, and compassion.

Few other firms offer as much as Elder Law of East Tennessee. But what truly sets us apart is our approach. We are not your typical law firm.

  1. We are an elder-centered law firm that delivers customized elder care planning solutions. There is no “one size fits all.” You won’t find a cookie-cutter solution here. Our comprehensive approach gives you the ability to meet your loved one’s financial, legal, housing, and personal needs while limiting burdens on family members. As your loved one’s condition progresses, you have a team of skilled and compassionate advisors at your side to help you determine the next right move. Imagine less anxiety about the future and the ability to evaluate the true financial implications of various care scenarios. Imagine greater skill planning for future needs. Imagine avoiding costly bad decisions, which means more money and more power to use that money for the good of your loved one.
  2. We serve as an advocate who offers support throughout the long-term care journey. We take a big-picture look at your situation and develop the best possible plan of action. At every decision point during the long-term care journey (and there are usually many), we lay out your options and help you make choices based upon your values and goals instead of imposing a one-size-fits-all solution.
  3. We build long-term relationships with clients. Rather than looking at your situation as a series of impersonal legal transactions, we take the time to get to know your family, your needs, and your goals. Our flat fee billing for many services is a natural reflection of this approach. From creating a couple’s first estate plan to protecting financial and legal rights during a long-term illness, we serve as lifelong advisors who help you navigate challenging transitions with dignity and grace. The best part? You and your family can relax and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a plan for the future—no matter what that future might bring.
  4. Our expert guidance is delivered with unparalleled skill and compassion. The experience of working with us is markedly different than that of other law firms, even those that offer traditional elder law services. Our approach is the integration of compassion and law. Highly skilled in working with families when they are at their most vulnerable, our team includes Certified Elder Law Attorneys and other highly-trained professionals who create a welcoming, intimidation-free environment that allays fear, eases anxiety, and makes it easier to talk about the many personal issues that are part of the long-term care journey. Imagine relief that someone understands what you’re going through. Imagine gratitude that you don’t have to do it alone. Imagine less guilt about whether you’re doing the right thing and more confidence in your decisions.
  5. We are your single point of contact for support and services during the long-term care journey. Our firm enjoys relationships with providers in the financial, real estate, home health, insurance, and long-term care community, which makes it easier to respond to the legal, financial, and caregiving implications of a long-term illness or disability. What’s in it for you? Less time researching options because we show you what’s available and where to go. A big-picture view of your loved one’s needs and how all the services fit together. Less time wasted bringing multiple providers up to speed.

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