COVID-19 has created many issues, including making the elders in our lives feel stressed, isolated, lonely and hopeless. Below are several helpful tips to keep you connected to your loved one and help support them during this time: 

Mental Health

  • Set a time each week when you will call and check on them 
    • Seniors prefer schedules, and it gives them something to look forward to 
  • Have the entire family unit set-up times to call 
    • The more touch points, the better
  • Teach your loved ones how to use video conferencing options (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.)
  • Ask your loved one how he/she is really doing and listen carefully without fixing
  • Hire a companion service for your loved one, if you feel it is needed 
  • Ensure that your loved one is taking his/her medications properly 
    • Look for apps that allow you to help your loved one adhere to medication regimens (CareZone App, Med Helper App, Symple App, Med Minder, PillPack, etc.) 
  • Play puzzles or games via a video conferencing solution such as FaceTime, Zoom, etc.  
  • Share fun family memories 
    • Virtually go through old family albums together, sing a fun song together and/or allow grandchildren on the calls to brighten his/her day 
  • Help your loved one learn how to create a gratitude jar 
  • Encourage your loved one to talk to a trained, medical professional in mental health to discuss his/her feelings of loneliness, isolation or hopelessness, if needed 
    • Medication could ultimately be needed  

This article was originally written by the Special Needs Alliance in July 2020.