Over the next 2 years, TennCare will review enrollees to determine if they are eligible for coverage.  Unfortunately, many people will lose coverage and often the reason is technical and could be avoided.  Read on for steps to take to keep your benefits.

Redetermination isn’t new.  It is a routine part of receiving TennCare benefits and is even required under the law.  Annually, the state agency is permitted to review each enrollee’s financial position to see if they still qualify for the benefits.  However, while under the COVID Public Health Emergency, those annual reviews were paused.  April 1, 2023, the Public Health Emergency was lifted, and TennCare has a plan to review eligibility of 1,750,000 Tennessee residents.

Take Action Now!

If you or a member of your household is receiving TennCare benefits, it is extremely important that you provide the Bureau of TennCare with your current address and contact information to ensure that you receive notifications and have the opportunity to submit the needed information and documentation.  Failure to respond to a redetermination notice may result in loss of benefits.  We don’t want that to happen to you.

TennCare may not have your current address on record even if you previously informed them of any changes.  To be safe, please take the time to notify TennCare of your correct address or contact information.

  1. Call TennCare at 1-855-259-0701. When you confirm your address, ask the representative whether or not a redetermination packet has been mailed to you.  If you have not received your packet, ask them to mail a new one.  Write down the first and last name of the person you talk to and the date and time of the call. Keep that note for your records.
  2. If you are unable to call, complete a TennCare Change of Address Reporting Form. Return it to TennCare by mail or fax.  The address and fax number are listed at the bottom of the form.  Keep a copy for your records, and make a note of the sending date and fax confirmation.

If you receive a redetermination packet and are not sure how to proceed, there are resources available to assist you.  Current clients may give us a call at 865-951-2410.  Elder Law of East Tennessee offers redetermination assistance services for our Life Care Planning clients only to help you through the process.  If you are not a Life Care Planning client, contact the Tennessee Justice Center for assistance.